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Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Website NovusAltair Novus Altair Ltd, Security Division

IT and Security Services with an Edge

About the Company:
Novus Altair Ltd. is the UK-based ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 certified and SIA (ACS) approved provider of professional Security Guarding Services. The company also provides IT and R&D solutions to a range of businesses and is currently seeking an individual to support its evolving business development needs. As such the selected candidate will be expected to work on developing new business sectors together with managing of existing business portfolio.

Qualifications, Skills Required:

  • Master’s degree in Finance / Business Administration.
  • At least 05 Years’ work experience.
  • Good communication skills.

Job description:
1. Liaise with other senior staff to determine the range of services to be sold, contribute to the development of sales strategies and setting of sales targets; This requires

  • Advising senior staff on portfolio management and diversification and expansion of sales and business
  • Determining, implementing and managing sales and business growth strategies
  • attending periodic staff meetings
  • conducting desktop and outdoor research and meetings
  • liaising with operations, accounts, finance, IT and other departments
  • Analysing past sales and setting projections
  • Setting monthly, quarterly and yearly targets
  • Making recommendations on the range and lifetime of product and services including existing and new ones
  • Actively searching for leads and new business opportunities

2. Discuss employer’s or client’s requirements, carry out surveys and analyse customers’ reactions to services, price, delivery etc.; This requires

  • Understanding of and managing the end to end credit cycle including collateral management and title documents
  • Meeting with potential and existing Security, IT & Other clients
  • Conducting and assisting site surveys
  • Conducting market surveys for data collection
  • Getting staff, customer and consumer feedback
  • Analysing data, plotting graphs and projections and interpreting trends
  • Making evidence-based recommendations on matters of operational, tactical and strategic significance
  • Negotiating prices and terms of delivery against customer requirements
  • Liaising and consulting with senior staff and legal teams on contract terms
  • Submitting quotes, tenders and business proposals
  • Communicating and following up on submitted quotes and proposals
  • Devising and adjusting strategies to win contracts and clients
  • Constantly striving to attain the right balance between the business and the customer needs

3. Compile and analyse sales figures, prepare proposals for marketing campaigns and promotional activities and undertake market research; This requires

  • Meeting and coordinating with other staff members in order to obtain relevant records and data
  • Gathering and compiling monthly, quarterly and yearly sales figures
  • Coordinating with the company accountants on matters of discovering and interpreting key sales figures and influencing variables
  • Preparing promotional material and handbooks
  • Actively searching for relevant medium for marketing campaigns
  • Preparing and submitting proposals for adverts
  • Communicating with campaign organizers (such as Yell, Google Ads, social media portals, specialist online portals, directory listings, etc.)

4. Handle customer accounts; This requires

  • Liaising with C-suite executives and promptly responding to queries
  • Understanding and Managing Credit Risk including underwriting policies, portfolio analytics, loss forecasting, collections and recoveries management.
  • Advising clients about best risk management practices for better control over delinquency management to minimize credit losses, reviewing portfolio trends
  • Contributing & assisting in review of credit procedures and involving in process improvements by a tech savvy individual who can bridge between client and IT team for system improvements for increased efficiency, control etc.
  • Managing large ticket project finance transactions both green and brown field projects & handling of large individual transactions
  • Constantly striving to deliver quality services leading to retention, diversification and expansion of portfolios
  • Delivering on contractual terms
  • Meeting clients routinely and getting feedback on the provision
  • Responding to customer needs & requests, emergencies, contingencies, break-ins, fluctuating demands, safety & security incidents etc. for smooth running of contracts
  • Handling customer feedback and complaints
  • Communicating with the customers in response to routine and non-routine queries
  • Liaising with operations and customers for the delivery of changes in requirements and resource allocation
  • Co-operating with law enforcement agencies where required
  • Assisting in preparation, review and change of risk assessments, site surveys, method statements, assignment instructions and other portfolio documents
  • Liaising between the company and customers in planning and organizing events and special assignments involving large workforce and resources
  • Customer and control room coordination for on-site delivery and supervision of large scale assignments and events
  • Invoicing and dealing with customer queries accordingly

5. Recruit and train junior staff; This requires

  • Preparing and submitting proposals for recruitment
  • Setting the process of selection
  • Filtering candidates for interview
  • Assisting in job interview and assessment
  • Employee Induction and training
  • Mentoring and supervision of junior employees
  • Reviewing, monitoring and appraising performance

6. Produce reports and recommendations concerning marketing and sales strategies for senior management; This requires

  • Contributing to overall business planning
  • Writing or editing periodic reports
  • Gathering and compiling internal and external data
  • Liaising and coordinating with accounts, operations, finance, IT and other departments
  • Conducting primary and secondary research where required
  • Plotting and analysing graphs and trends
  • Interpreting past and present trends leading to realistic projections
  • Making recommendations leading to sales and business growth and strategies
  • Attending meetings and presenting findings for management reviews

7. Keep up to date with products, services and competitors. This requires

  • Designing, planning and executing market research
  • Registering/subscribing to relevant online forums, blogs, newsletters and portals or submitting proposals to do so
  • Market surveys and gathering market intelligence
  • Attending training, seminars and networking events
  • Keeping healthy relations with suppliers and customers some of whom may be competitors



The list is not exhaustive but indicative and the nature and scope of the duties are subject to change in line with needs of the business.

A typical daily routine of the officer may be office-based, outdoor or a combination of both.

Your Reference: MKT103

Salary: £27,000 to £35,000 per year

Hours: Full-time

Location: Barking, Essex

Job Type: Permanent

Closing Date: 30/09/2020

Novus Altair Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer.

We do try to reply to each application personally, however as you can appreciate we receive a high number of applications for each role we handle and it is not always possible to do this. Therefore if we do not contact you within 28 days, your application for this particular role has not been successful. However we have retained your CV and we will advise you of future roles that may be of interest.

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