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The next technology revolution is about autonomously mobile intelligent objects

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The next technology revolution is about autonomously mobile intelligent objects


In this article “The next technology revolution is about autonomously mobile intelligent objects,” you will find out how drones and robots can be used to complement the conventional security provision.

Over the last decade, we have witnessed how far technology has evolved. From advances in communication and signal processing to space exploration and genetic engineering, the road to invention and discovery can be attributed to human quest for unknown.

In the field of public safety and security, the pace of comparable progress involving high-tech solutions has somewhat been stifled in large part due to the demand and utility of much simpler and cost effective alternative solutions such as network cameras. There are millions of network cameras in the UK with the number rising every day. The ubiquitous nature of such cameras has however, raised a number of issues ultimately espousing the need for more radical solutions. Advances in image recognition and computing have thus far cushioned the upsurge of the cameras in the short term. However, the inevitability of a more radical technology revolution cannot be hindered for too long. The next technology revolution is about autonomously mobile intelligent objects capable of learning from their experiences and environment.

The Next Generation of Drones and Robots Will Not Only Complement Humans but Lead to Even Greater Reliance on Trained Workforce.

At Novus Altair, we are engaged in research and development in partnership with leading institutions like Tianjin University and Tsinghua University in China and Kings College London forging the way to innovative and high-tech security solutions. As part of the collaborations, we will be working on robots and drones in the context of public safety and global security challenges.

Drones are already being trialled in many different fields and industries ranging from parcel and food delivery to video recording and network coverage. Robots are also opening up all new possibilities in various aspects of our lives including public safety and security. The main utility of the contemporary advances in robotics and drones technology has largely been limited to the delivery of complex routines often involving goal-directed repetitive tasks. With the constantly evolving nature of security risks, however, the need for more effective exploitation of technology and automation aimed at real-time scene understanding and manipulation has never been greater.

Our work at Novus Altair focusses on how drones and robots with learning gradients can complement the conventional security provision. Such an intelligent security system would integrate image recognition and activity manipulation functions with inter- and intra-networked communication and signal processing capabilities. The aim would be to keep constantly evolving and often complex security threats in check through the system’s corresponding detection and alert protocols to supplement conventional responsiveness. With incremental enhancements and modifications, the system will prepare itself to share conventional responsiveness. The conceptual underpinning of the design and development is not meant to render humans redundant but to transform their roles. The next generation of drones and robots in such a protocol will therefore not only complement humans but lead to even greater reliance on trained workforce.

Dr. Adnan Niazi (Director of Novus Altair) has recently delivered his speech on ‘Robots, Drones and Security’ at Tianjin University and Tsinghua University in China elaborating on the current robotics and drone technology in security and expounded his vision and framework for the future research work in the area.


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    Very interesting article! I totally agree with the idea and I think it would be a great addition to the security industry!


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